Friday, October 8, 2010

Somebody out there

There Is always somebody out there
The nights you sit alone and feel and think about her you always imagine another time another moment at that point you want to freeze that moment and think to yourself and know there is somebody out there...
When you look and feel that distant pain in you because you know that every moment counts and think to ones self that maybe all of this was not worth it then you get that soft voice in you mind body Spirit and soul that tells you no matter what there is somebody out there...
You always think about been the last one there at that moment to meet that distant person...
Then you realize that nobody wants to be the last one there, And think to yourself everyone wants to feel like someone cares...
so whats the next thought in you mind?
The thought tells you that you want someone to love you with your life in their hands...
So there you stand under the moonlight or even out the wind on a breezy night don't know what to do so you think there is always somebody out there- By Yushvir Maharajh Inspired by memories of the past


Alas again im back to the same routine, Back to the same stage of life in the path of pure confusion, In the path of insanity struck with insomnia as i stay up all night think what was what is what can be and what will be.
Yet these questions haunt me and the answer im yet to discover. so iset here breathing with every breath i feel more sanity taking over and driving me to think of the solutions to what i feel and what i can try to uncover with the mystery of the life we try to lead and live...
Alas all these questions have now lead me to remeber the sectopr of love and remember the evils of my past but funny enough all the past heartbreaks i should of seen it coming. The words i love you from experience when said without true meaning leads to ones pure diaster. It destroys ones sense of life and we then feel that we cannot run away from this person becuse our mind makes us believe we love them so that then means we got no control of our lives. So with all this confusion of the past we tend to hold back and not persue the future but now i sit and look back every time and relise that when we said in the past I love you without meaning we forget to compromise and after that Resolve becomes dead as the Leaves so be it a hour a month a year if that love wasnt true all we were doing with that person in the past was slow dance in a burning room... Posted by Yushvir Maharajh 08-10-2010 Inspired by infinity on high

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Love? What shall I call it? How do I Define It? Do I call it a feeling? A feeling of what? Happiness or Sadness? Joy or Hate? Laughter or Tears?
Well to me it’s all of the above. When to hearts meet that begin to feel all the laughter, Happiness and joy but when to hearts break all you get is sadness, Hate and tears!
So what is love? Is it a curse or Blessing? Maybe it is just an illusion or mind comes up with! This illusion of love that takes away every sense of ones meaning! It destroys our sense of logic because all we ever think about is the one we want to be with, the one that our minds and hearts tell us we love! Been with them takes you to a whole new level thinking about them makes you want to live! Makes you want to scream and shout jump with energy and ecstasy!!!!
Until you finally realize the cruel reality and you drop down from cloud nine knowing that the one you love is with somebody else. Now the once so beautiful feeling has now become pain! Pain so strong you lose your ability to be what you were! You lose the will to survive. You feel like you can’t breathe like you are now coming to an end!!!
Your days become dark all you ever feel is pain misery and hatred. Is this what I have become is this what love has done to me? So now finally I sit here with these thoughts in my head feeling every bit of misery!!! Has love now turned me inhumane? Has it now created a monster in me?
I sit here now as my heart is screaming, Begging, Pleading for a solution. A solution that will turn me human again. But now as I scream for this help the answer appears before me! And finally I realize my only savior my only medicine is the thing that brought me here which is now my addiction which I cant get over the only solution to save the world from what I have become is that magical feeling of LOVE!!!
by Yushvir Maharajh... Inspired by after the end

After the end

People say that things happen for a reason but at this point no wise words can stop this feeling, this feeling of pain, this feeling that has now made me lose all sense of hope, Love, Lust and touch. What am I doing sitting here crying and falling to pieces? Why am I fighting with my self telling myself that the best part of me has always been you?
I lay here awake yet you have no trouble sleeping. Why am I here grieving yet you have moved on? Does this happen after the end? After the end of true love?
You have his heart and my heart and feel none of the pain of what would have been.
So I sit here still alive yet I am barely breathing because you were my air my one living source of life.
But then again I saw it coming the day you stoped closing your eyes I knew it was a matter of time before you ended us ended me.
Every morning I wake up you still on my mind yet I want to so badly come back to you but then I remember it is now over, over for good this time.
But why am I sitting here knowing that running back to the fire we had would just bring me more pain!
I now look down at my hands as they come together to help me once again regain my senses. Now I realize that I sit here barely breathing for nothing as you have ended it.
Now I see why they say bad things happen for a reason because with this life goes on and what was will never be again because I sit here telling myself that this is now after the end, After the end of an old chapter and the beginning of a new life now I see that life will go on so think about it life is short live it not crying over what you lost as I have learnt sitting here shedding tears for one that has not even allowed me to cross here mind so live for today not tomorrow.
Again all this after the end. Why? Because every beginning has an end and every end has a new beginning.
Done by: Yushvir Maharajh... Inspired by a friend that showed me there is life after the end

The Dream

  • The dream... The dreams we persue the dreams that we lose yet as humans we still live in this world of dreams.We sit pounder and wonder if we fullfill these dreams. We become so obsessed in the materilistics of the modern age that we forget the simplicity of fullfilling a dream that we so yearned for.

But again our dreams have many different ways of showing us life and we then tend to forget the cruel reality we live in. This reality that has so much hate and pain we tend to want to live in this dream world. But un this dream world we sit in one place we dont move and go further in life so then do we have this cruel reality. that we tend to want to run away from. yet it can take the littelist of moments to make a dream come true.

Take yesterday when i saw somebody that something in me clicked is this the dream that i want to make a reality??? Yet sometimes i just sit here wondaring is this the right move i want to make.

They say life is like a game of chess All it takes is the right move or a bad mistake to win or lose the game just like how in life it can take the right or wrong choices to progress or reverse in life.So then simply life is a rat race when we chase our dreams but we have to stop and think can we win this race??? Are we chassing these dreams that we forgetting how to live life in reality??? In a dream anything can happen you can fly you can be a miilionaire. So then does that mean we can forget that we are what we are for a reason??? so then should we worry about the controlling power of our dreams or can we try and make this dream a reality so i want you to think about this question Should we control our dreams or should our dreams control us....YUSHVIR MAHARAJH DATE  06-10-2010 9:43am.... This blog was inspired by Dhirosha Govender