Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Dream

  • The dream... The dreams we persue the dreams that we lose yet as humans we still live in this world of dreams.We sit pounder and wonder if we fullfill these dreams. We become so obsessed in the materilistics of the modern age that we forget the simplicity of fullfilling a dream that we so yearned for.

But again our dreams have many different ways of showing us life and we then tend to forget the cruel reality we live in. This reality that has so much hate and pain we tend to want to live in this dream world. But un this dream world we sit in one place we dont move and go further in life so then do we have this cruel reality. that we tend to want to run away from. yet it can take the littelist of moments to make a dream come true.

Take yesterday when i saw somebody that something in me clicked is this the dream that i want to make a reality??? Yet sometimes i just sit here wondaring is this the right move i want to make.

They say life is like a game of chess All it takes is the right move or a bad mistake to win or lose the game just like how in life it can take the right or wrong choices to progress or reverse in life.So then simply life is a rat race when we chase our dreams but we have to stop and think can we win this race??? Are we chassing these dreams that we forgetting how to live life in reality??? In a dream anything can happen you can fly you can be a miilionaire. So then does that mean we can forget that we are what we are for a reason??? so then should we worry about the controlling power of our dreams or can we try and make this dream a reality so i want you to think about this question Should we control our dreams or should our dreams control us....YUSHVIR MAHARAJH DATE  06-10-2010 9:43am.... This blog was inspired by Dhirosha Govender

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