Wednesday, October 6, 2010

After the end

People say that things happen for a reason but at this point no wise words can stop this feeling, this feeling of pain, this feeling that has now made me lose all sense of hope, Love, Lust and touch. What am I doing sitting here crying and falling to pieces? Why am I fighting with my self telling myself that the best part of me has always been you?
I lay here awake yet you have no trouble sleeping. Why am I here grieving yet you have moved on? Does this happen after the end? After the end of true love?
You have his heart and my heart and feel none of the pain of what would have been.
So I sit here still alive yet I am barely breathing because you were my air my one living source of life.
But then again I saw it coming the day you stoped closing your eyes I knew it was a matter of time before you ended us ended me.
Every morning I wake up you still on my mind yet I want to so badly come back to you but then I remember it is now over, over for good this time.
But why am I sitting here knowing that running back to the fire we had would just bring me more pain!
I now look down at my hands as they come together to help me once again regain my senses. Now I realize that I sit here barely breathing for nothing as you have ended it.
Now I see why they say bad things happen for a reason because with this life goes on and what was will never be again because I sit here telling myself that this is now after the end, After the end of an old chapter and the beginning of a new life now I see that life will go on so think about it life is short live it not crying over what you lost as I have learnt sitting here shedding tears for one that has not even allowed me to cross here mind so live for today not tomorrow.
Again all this after the end. Why? Because every beginning has an end and every end has a new beginning.
Done by: Yushvir Maharajh... Inspired by a friend that showed me there is life after the end

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