Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Love? What shall I call it? How do I Define It? Do I call it a feeling? A feeling of what? Happiness or Sadness? Joy or Hate? Laughter or Tears?
Well to me it’s all of the above. When to hearts meet that begin to feel all the laughter, Happiness and joy but when to hearts break all you get is sadness, Hate and tears!
So what is love? Is it a curse or Blessing? Maybe it is just an illusion or mind comes up with! This illusion of love that takes away every sense of ones meaning! It destroys our sense of logic because all we ever think about is the one we want to be with, the one that our minds and hearts tell us we love! Been with them takes you to a whole new level thinking about them makes you want to live! Makes you want to scream and shout jump with energy and ecstasy!!!!
Until you finally realize the cruel reality and you drop down from cloud nine knowing that the one you love is with somebody else. Now the once so beautiful feeling has now become pain! Pain so strong you lose your ability to be what you were! You lose the will to survive. You feel like you can’t breathe like you are now coming to an end!!!
Your days become dark all you ever feel is pain misery and hatred. Is this what I have become is this what love has done to me? So now finally I sit here with these thoughts in my head feeling every bit of misery!!! Has love now turned me inhumane? Has it now created a monster in me?
I sit here now as my heart is screaming, Begging, Pleading for a solution. A solution that will turn me human again. But now as I scream for this help the answer appears before me! And finally I realize my only savior my only medicine is the thing that brought me here which is now my addiction which I cant get over the only solution to save the world from what I have become is that magical feeling of LOVE!!!
by Yushvir Maharajh... Inspired by after the end

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