Friday, October 8, 2010


Alas again im back to the same routine, Back to the same stage of life in the path of pure confusion, In the path of insanity struck with insomnia as i stay up all night think what was what is what can be and what will be.
Yet these questions haunt me and the answer im yet to discover. so iset here breathing with every breath i feel more sanity taking over and driving me to think of the solutions to what i feel and what i can try to uncover with the mystery of the life we try to lead and live...
Alas all these questions have now lead me to remeber the sectopr of love and remember the evils of my past but funny enough all the past heartbreaks i should of seen it coming. The words i love you from experience when said without true meaning leads to ones pure diaster. It destroys ones sense of life and we then feel that we cannot run away from this person becuse our mind makes us believe we love them so that then means we got no control of our lives. So with all this confusion of the past we tend to hold back and not persue the future but now i sit and look back every time and relise that when we said in the past I love you without meaning we forget to compromise and after that Resolve becomes dead as the Leaves so be it a hour a month a year if that love wasnt true all we were doing with that person in the past was slow dance in a burning room... Posted by Yushvir Maharajh 08-10-2010 Inspired by infinity on high

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